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The Top Construction Trends of 2023

2023’s construction trends make it clear that there are many ways to innovate and uplevel your construction projects. But how? Take a look at these trends to learn more!

Construction trends are constantly changing. New tools and increasingly-available modern building methods allow contractors, construction companies, and skilled tradespeople alike to perform construction tasks more effectively.

What construction trends and innovations will shape the industry this year? Here, we’ll look at 2023’s top ten construction trends.

2023 Construction Trends: Keep an Eye Out for These!

  1. Prefabrication. Construction prefabrication involves making the parts needed for a project off-site, in a controlled environment, with all required resources conveniently nearby. Then, the pieces are shipped to the site and assembled quickly and safely. This can reduce costs, save time, and increase quality control. Modular Construction takes the concept to the next level, with entire building components created off-site.
  2. Innovative technology. Construction teams design, run, and build their projects using increasingly advanced software, tools, and equipment. For example, BIM, or Building Information Modeling, allows for highly efficient and collaborative design; online construction staffing agencies make recruiting, and onboarding skilled workers simple — and construction management software makes previously work-intensive tasks like payroll and document organization a breeze. This saves everyone involved a lot of time and money!
  3. Smart Buildings. Smart buildings are built with advanced tech right into their walls — sometimes, literally — to make them higher-performing. In addition, construction trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), solar and green energy, and streamlined building footprints allow these newer construction projects to have reduced energy consumption, higher occupant satisfaction, and enhanced safety.
  4. Ongoing supply chain and inflation issues. The supply chain issues of the past few years haven’t gone anywhere — and inflation is making material costs soar. This impacts project schedules and scope throughout the construction industry, requiring contractors and companies to find ways to do more with less. (One effective way to do so? Hire skilled tradespeople who know what they’re doing!)
  5. Ongoing labor shortages. Many contractors and companies within the construction industry are still experiencing issues recruiting and retaining top talent. There are many reasons for this — demographic changes, a fluctuating economy, and competition from other sectors — but the result is the same: Construction companies need a reliable way to meet their workforce requirements without spending an incredible amount of time, stress, and resources looking for great candidates.
  6. A continued focus on safety. For the past decade, safety stats within the construction industry have fallen. To combat this 2023 construction trend, construction teams nationwide are doubling down on safety regulations and new tools to protect their workers. For example, there have been improvements in safety helmet structure and wearable technologies. This emphasis on safety has also increased interest in modular construction and prefabrication.

Interested in Capitalizing on Any of These 2023 Construction Trends?

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