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The TERMS OF AGREEMENT for registering and subscribing to Trade Scouts is effective as of June 1, 2018.

l. Introduction.

1.1 Contract.

When you use Trade Scouts' services, you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. You agree and are subject to our Private Policy, Cookie Policy and any other policies instituted by Trade Scouts. If you click the “Register” icon, and elect to sign up for the services of Trade Scouts, you are consenting to enter into a legally binding contract with Trade Scouts, whether you are acting on your behalf or as an agent or employee of another company or person. Therefore, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, you should not click the “Register” icon and please do not attempt to access or otherwise use any of Trade Scouts' services.


This contract applies to Trade Scouts and any other related sites, applications or other services that Trade Scouts offers. Registered users of our services are called “Members” or “Employers” and unregistered users are defined as “Visitors.” This contract applies to both.

Trade Scouts.

If you register with Trade Scouts, you are entering into a contract with us. If you reside in the United States, our services are controlled by Trade Scouts.

1.2 Employers.

When you actually join Trade Scouts, you become a “Employer.” If, however, you have chosen not to register with Trade Scouts, you may still access certain features solely as a visitor.

A “Member” is a person or entity seeking employment for hire.

A “Employer” is an employer, person, company, partnership or any other business entity that seeks employees for both skilled and unskilled employment.

1.3 Modifications.

Trade Scouts may, from time to time, modify any and all terms of this contract or its policies or the policies of any subsidiaries or corporate associations. If we make any material changes, and those changes affect you, we shall communicate directly with you notifying you of such changes. If you disagree with any of those changes, you are entitled to terminate your relationship with Trade Scouts, in writing. That notice should be served in writing upon Trade Scouts at P.O Box 768 Owings Mills, Maryland, 21117.

2. Obligations.

2.1 Service Eligibility.

You must be 18 years of age in order to enter into a contract. These services are not for use for anyone under the age of 18.

2.2 Your Account.

Your password will be treated as secret and proprietary information. You are required to not divulge your password to anyone else and to follow all rules, regulations and the law regarding privacy. You should choose a strong password which has a number of letters and some configuration of numbers and symbols expressed on the keyboard. You should keep your password in a secure place.

2.3 Payment.

You agree to honor your payment obligations, if any, and you consent to us storing your payment information. Such information will be kept confidential. If you agree to purchase any of our services that are available for purchase, you agree to pay Trade Scouts the stated fees and taxes, if any, and to any additional terms which would be specific to such paid services. Failure to pay for said services will result in termination of your presence on our sites. Also, you agree that your purchases may be subject to foreign exchange fees, that we may store information regarding your billing and payment method, (e.g. credit card), even after your credit card may have expired; all purchases are subject to Trade Scouts' refund policy; and Trade Scouts may calculate taxes payable to you based on the billing information that you provided to us at the time of the purchase.

You can obtain a copy of your invoice by contacting us at: Trade Scouts at P.O Box 768 Owings Mills, Maryland, 21117.

2.4 Notices and Services Messages.

You agree that Trade Scouts will contact you via your phone (to include text messaging) and/or e-mail address. If the information that you provide to us is out of date, you may miss out on important notices or information. You further agree that we may provide notices to you in the following ways: A message sent to the contact information that you provided to us (e.g., e-mail, text message, physical address, mobile phone). You agree to keep your contact information with us up to date and accurate.

Please review your settings to control and limit the messages you receive from us.

2.5 Sharing.

When you share information with Trade Scouts, others can see it, and use that information. Trade Scouts allows for sharing information in a multitude of ways, such as your portfolio, etc. When you provide us with your information regarding your portfolio, or any other information, you personally warrant that said information is accurate, truthful, not misleading and not intended for fraudulent purposes. We are not obligated to publish any information or content on our service and we retain the absolute right to remove or alter your content it in our sole discretion, without notice to you and without your consent.

3. Rights and Limits.

3.1 Your license to Trade Scouts.

You own all of the content regarding your personal information, any feedback that you provide to us. However, you also grant us a non-exclusive license to that information. You promise to only provide information and content that you have a right to share and that your Trade Scouts contains accurate and truthful information. As between you and Trade Scouts, you own the content information that you submit or post to our sites and you are only granting us the following non-exclusive license:

A worldwide transferable and sub-licensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process information and content that you provide through our services without any further consent, notice and or compensation to you and others. These rights are limited in the following ways:

  1. You can end this license for specific content by deleting such content from the service or generally by closing your account, except (a) to the extent you shared it with others as part of the service we provided and they copied, re-shared the material or have stored it on some computer or device, and (b) for the reasonable time that it takes to remove data from backup in all of their systems.
  2. We will not intentionally include your content in advertisements for the products and services of third parties to others without your separate consent.
  3. Trade Scouts is not responsible if you download content or information from other websites that may appear on Trade Scouts but which are not owned or operated by Trade Scouts. Likewise, if a Member downloads or copies your content and uses your content for it’s the Member’s own purposes, you agree that Trade Scouts has no control over that action and is not responsible to you for any claims or damages as a result of that action.
  4. We are not responsible for cybertheft or cyber alteration of your content that is or had been posted on our sites. If another person or entity copies, alters, misappropriates, missuses your content you agree that we are not responsible for the downloading, reposting, re-disseminating, misappropriating, or altering of your content by others that my visit or hack into our sites.
  5. We will get your consent if we want to give third parties the right to publish your posts beyond that service. However, other members and other visitors may have access to and share your content and information.
  6. Trade Scouts reserves the right to edit and make formatting changes to your content (such as translating it, modifying the size or lay-out, or removing metadata). Also, Trade Scouts will review the content you submit to us. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that any of the material that you submit is considered offensive, inaccurate or misleading, Trade Scouts reserves the absolute right to act immediately, to take the content down entirely, modify it to conform with our standards, and in so doing my alter, edit and or modify any of your content without consultation with you or your agents and assigns.
  7. Because of your own content and information and because we only have non-exclusive rights to it, you may choose to make it available to others.
  8. You agree not to attempt to make direct contact with any Member employer or try to place content on your portfolio that will enable any Member to identify you. [How enforce]
  9. You agree that if any Member contacts you without first using and paying for our service it is a violation of this Agreement.
  10. You agree that in circumstances such as this service, quantifying damages for any breach of this Agreement are difficult to determine.
  11. You agree that if there is a breach of this Agreement based upon your being contacted by the Member directly or by you contacting the employer directly and without paying Trade Scouts it’s agreed upon fee, that you agree to pay liquidated damages of $10,000.00 and you further agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees to Trade Scouts for any prosecution for breach of this Agreement.
  12. You agree that Maryland Law controls this contract exclusively and agree that any causes of action for any reason between the parties hereto shall be litigated in Baltimore County, Maryland.

You agree that Trade Scouts may access, store and use any information that you provide in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and your choices. By submitting suggestions and other feedback regarding our services, you agree that we can use and share such feedback for any purpose without compensation to you. You agree to only provide content or information that does not violate the law or anyone else’s rights (including intellectual property rights). You also agree that your portfolio information will be truthful.

3.2 Service Availability.

We reserve the right to change, suspend or end any service, or change or modify prices prospectively in our sole discretion. To the extent allowed under the law, these changes may be effective upon notice provided to you. We may change or discontinue any of our services. We do not promise to store or keep showing any information or content you have posted. Trade Scouts is not a storage service. You agree that we have no obligation to store, maintain or provide you a copy of any content or information that you or others have provided except to the extent required by applicable law and as may be noted in our Privacy Policy.

3.3 Other Content, Sites and Applications.

Your use of others’ content and information posted on our services is at your own risk. Trade Scouts is not responsible for any posts made by third parties. By using our services, you may encounter content or information that may be inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful. Trade Scouts does generally review content provided by you, other members, or other persons not in-privity with this contract. However, you agree that we are not responsible for what others submit as content or information on our site. We cannot always prevent the misuse of our services, and you agree that we are not responsible for any such misuse. By entering into this contract you also acknowledge the risk that you or your organization may be mistakenly associated with content about others when we let connections or followers know you and your organization which were mentioned by way of any or our sites.

You are responsible for deciding if you want to access or use the third party applications or sites that link from our services to another. If you allow a third party application or site to authenticate you or connect you with Trade Scouts, that application or site can access information on Trade Scouts sites which are related to you and your connections.

Third party applications and sites have their own privacy policies, and you may be giving others permission to use your information in a way that we would not expect. Except to the limited extent it may be required by applicable law, we are not responsible for these other sites and applications. You are using those sites and applications at your own risk.

3.4 Limits.

We have the right to limit how you connect and interact with our services. We reserve the right to limit your use of our services, including the number of your connection and your ability to contact other members. Trade Scouts reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your account if we believe that you may be in breach of this contract or law or a misunderstanding of the services occurs.

3.5 Intellectual Property Rights.

We are providing you with notice about intellectual property rights. We reserve all of our intellectual property rights and services. Using this site does not give you any ownership of our services or the content or information may be made available through our services. Trademarks and logos used in connection with services that are to be the trademarks of their prospective owners.

4. Disclaimer and Limited Liability.

4.1 No Warranty Express or Otherwise.

Trade Scouts disclaims any legal liability for the quality safety or reliability of its services. Trade Scouts disclaims any and all implied warranties and disclaims making any representations regarding warranties and merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of data, and non-infringement; We do not guarantee that the services will function without interruption or errors. Finally, we provide the service “as is” and without any warranties. Some laws do not allow certain disclaimers and some disclaimers may not apply to you.

4.2 Exclusion of Liability.

These are the limits of liability that Trade Scouts has with regard to you. Trade Scouts and its affiliates shall not be liable to you or to others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or revenues, related to the services that we have offered.

You agree that this limitation of liability is part of the basis of the contract as between you and Trade Scouts and shall apply to any and all claims of liability (e.g. warranty, tort, negligence, contract, law) and even if Trade Scouts or any of its affiliates have been told of the possibility of such damages, and even if these remedies fail their essential purpose.

5. Termination of Trade Scouts' Services.

You have the right to activate or deactivate your portfolio on our site at any at any time.

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