Why Us

Other career sites focus on Candidates sorting through piles of job listings, sending in their resume, and hoping for a response. It's inefficient and outdated. Trade Scouts streamlines the career finding process.

Our process removes duplication, waiting time and wasted applications for Candidates. It also removes sorting through piles of resumes from unqualified individuals for employers. Trade Scouts is a win-win for everyone in todays fast moving career market!

Candidates upload their profile skills, pictures of their work and equipment and other pertinent information. They answer a number of questions which determine which careers they are qualified for, and that's where the hassle stops.

Employers can directly look for candidates with a given experience such as Carpentry, welding, HVAC repair and many other career fields. They read over the candidates information and skills and can directly reach out to candidates as needed.

How to Get Hired Fast

Animation. Two women and a man build a profile on the website. A picture, and various indistinguishable text blocks appear on the screen.

Build Your Profile

Set up a profile and start getting noticed by local companies ready to hire professionals like you.

Animation. A woman gestures toward a job board with three columns of cards that rotate in and out of the screen to reveal new jobs.

Check the Job Board

Local companies are posting new jobs every day. Get a head start with custom notifications based on your skills and profile details.

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Get to Work

Local companies will contact you directly to discuss opportunities for professionals with your skills.

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