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Preparing for a Construction Job Interview: Tricks of the Trade

Looking for construction job interview tips? With these tricks up your sleeve, preparing for a construction job interview will be a breeze.

If you’re preparing for a construction job interview, you’re likely excited and nervous. The idea that you’re up for a new opportunity is exhilarating.

The idea that you have to get through the interview itself, first — maybe not so much.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or this is your first potential gig, there are specific steps that can make preparing for a construction job interview a breeze.

Interested in feeling well-prepared and confident when you meet your interviewer? Check out these construction job interview tips first featured in Forbes.

Our Top Tricks to Nail the Job Interview on the Head

  1. Research the company ahead of time. Knowing a decent amount of information about the company you’re interested in will look good to your interviewer. It’ll also help you align your responses with the company’s goals — and give you a better chance of asking excellent (relevant) questions. Go to the company’s website, read its history, and see which projects they’re currently tackling.
  2. Prepare for common questions. While you can’t predict every question you’ll get asked, you’ll likely get asked some questions you can prepare for. For example, be ready to talk about your job experience or education, any skills you bring to the table, and how you handle unexpected or challenging situations.
  3. Bring examples of your work. If you have a portfolio containing details of past projects you’ve completed, including photos and plans, that will impress your interviewer. It’ll also make you feel more comfortable, as you’ll have something to discuss and point to, which can be a nice resource during an extended conversation.
  4. Communicate well. Employers are constantly looking for skilled tradespeople who can speak and listen effectively. It’s vital for everything from jobsite safety to successful project completion. Demonstrate your ability to communicate in the interview: Speak confidently and clearly, maintain regular eye contact, and don’t interrupt. At the end of the interview, ask questions. (Going in with a few prepared is a good idea.)
  5. Follow up with your prospective employer. After your interview, send your interviewer a thank-you note (or email) expressing gratitude for their time and consideration. This is an excellent time to ask any further follow-up questions you may have thought of after the interview — or a good time to share any photos of projects or details regarding your experience that you may have forgotten.

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